A Cool Apartment Leads to Hot Sex, Say Brokerage Ads

NYC firm bluntly courts young men

New ads from a brokerage firm in New York City aren't overly sophisticated in their pitch to young professional males. The message: Land the right apartment, and sleep with more women. "I don't remember his name. But his apartment…" says the headline on five rudimentary cartoon ads showing bedroom scenes, with the characters, appropriately enough, literally faceless. "You can make a correlation between the quality of your apartment and the quality of women you get," Ryan McCann, marketing chief at MNS, tells the New York Post. That quote could be taken a few different ways—presumably McCann means quantity, not quality. The campaign extends to the website, where visitors are urged to "share your story about the best apartment you hooked up in." So far, they're getting comments like this: "I was out drinking with friends and met this really cute guy. I ended up going to his apartment which was absolutely huge and spectacular. The experience was less than stellar and let's just say the size of the apartment is not directly correlated with the size of the ****." More ads after the jump. UPDATE: These executions are modified versions of ads from a larger campaign by the Warehouse Agency in New York. See three of that shop's original ads, also after the jump.

Three of the Warehouse Agency's original ads from the campaign:

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