Converse Blows Up Chuck II to Show Off the New Sneaker’s Snazzy Insides

But a culture-focused spot doesn't have the same impact

Converse's Chuck Taylor II All-Stars debut with a bang, literally, in the Nike brand's "Ready for More" campaign touting its highly anticipated line extension.

Ad agency Anomaly and visual-effects firm Framestore produced an explosive spot that shows a Chuck II high-top flying apart in super-slow-motion, impressively revealing the comfort technology within. As bits of rubber and canvas drift in all directions, the camera lingers on the padded sockliner, non-slip tongue and perforated suede lining, with each component identified for viewers.

Ultimately, the sneaker comes back together like new, which probably wouldn't happen if you blew one up for real. (Still, I'd be glad to give it a try.)

It's a cool, memorable way to expose the soul (along with the sole) of the reboot. I prefer its destructive simplicity to the bombast of a 30-second online spot that offers throbbing guitar riffs and cascading imagery of city skateboarders, motorcyclists, painters and rock bands, all wearing Chuck IIs. Reminds me of Dr. Martens' anti-establishment appeals, with fast beats and flashy editing standing in for substance.

Of course, Converse does have street cred in the creative community. Its footwear has long been popular with artists and musicians. Anomaly's recent "Made by You" push for classic Chucks scored by exploring the unique worlds of such individuals, showcasing both average folks and celebrities. This approach would have been a fine fit for the Chuck II, and hopefully the campaign will eventually step in that direction.

For now, we're stuck with hipster clichés and a voiceover extolling, "More good stuff. More bad stuff. More your stuff. Whatever it is—more you!"

Sorry, Chuck, but it's all a tad II much.