Conrad Black sees the humor in his plight

Sure, he’s facing a possible 35-year term in prison following his recent conviction for fraud and obstruction of justice. But disgraced former media baron Conrad Black nonetheless puts in a pretty effective deadpan turn on Canada’s Rick Mercer Report in a segment called “Celebrity Tip With Conrad Black.” “You can call me Connie,” he says, and waxes a Maple leaf, which he claims can provide “great solace to everyone, and especially to those who, for complicated reasons, can’t at firsthand observe the changing of the seasons this autumn in Canada.” (A judge has restricted Black’s movements to Chicago and Palm Beach, Fla., until his November sentencing.) OK, the sketch isn’t all that funny, but the guy could do hard time, and this is Canada, so allowances should be made. He’ll be a big hit in the prison variety show, though he better drop that “Connie” business pretty quick.

—Posted by David Gianatasio