Connecticut wants you to do it in the dark

Mintz & Hoke’s new campaign for the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control (George Orwell would approve of that name) says I should “Wait until dark” to use major appliances. That way, I’ll reduce harmful emissions and relieve the strain on the state’s power grid. The only problem is—ouch!—I can’t find the light switch, so I keep bumping into things. Guess I’ll just follow the sound of the rinsing, spinning and agitating … hey wait, I don’t own a washing machine. I don’t even live in Connecticut! Either I’ve wandered into a very dark laundromat or I’m having that recurring nightmare where I wash my clothes at night to conserve energy. And I forgot to study for that big test tomorrow! And I’m only wearing underwear because the rest of my clothes are in the wash!

—Posted by David Gianatasio