Connecticut tourism tries for a fresh start

Connecticut is making a fresh appeal to potential visitors with a new tourism campaign that plays on the word “Connect” and targets women age 35-54 in the greater New York metro area. The state bounced its 12-year-old tagline, “We’re full of surprises,” which isn’t too surprising, given the political scandal that landed Gov. John G. Rowland in federal prison for a year. The once-promising Rowland—who allegedly accepted a wide variety of improper gifts, including gold, a vintage Mustang convertible and a canoe—was certainly full of surprises. Since Rowland had been featured prominently in many of the tourism TV spots of the past decade, Connecticut’s change is strategy is savvy to say the least. The new governor, M. Jodi Rell (shown here), will limit her appearance to a photo in the state’s visitor guide.

—Posted by Lisa van der Pool