Connecticut’s prize fighters

CallforentriesCreatives often feel like they’re fighting tooth and nail to get great creative produced. The Advertising Club of Connecticut took that idea and ran with it in the call for entries for its 51st annual award show. The mailer includes the photos shown here of what look like advertising prize fighters—the grander the award, the worse the injuries. (“Bronze” has a mean-looking shiner; “Silver” has a broken nose and a split lip; “Gold” has the works—a bloody cut next to one eye, a neck brace, a few teeth knocked out and a bandage-wrapped head.) The headline reads, “We’ve been fighting for great advertising for the past year. Now it’s time to find out who won.”

Partial copy reads, “Creating fresh, breakthrough advertising is a knock-down, drag-out ordeal … a grueling, no-holds-barred steel cage match against tough clients, merciless deadlines and brutal competition.” The copy concludes, “Take your shot at Connecticut’s ultimate prize fight. See you in May, champ.” The piece was crafted by Adams & Knight in Avon, Conn.

—Posted by Lisa van der Pool