Connecticut agency’s jet goose is the stuff of PETA’s nightmares

“If our client list doesn’t impress you, maybe our jet goose will.” That was the invitation on a Google ad I just encountered from VogtGoldstein, an ad agency in Westport, Conn. The jet goose, it turns out, is the centerpiece of VogtGoldstein’s self-promotion materials. It flies magisterially on the agency’s Web site, with hyperlinks embedded in the head, the heart, the engine and the tail. The creature is meant to suggest “power + elegance,” although it also gives off a whiff of genetic experimentation gone berserk. What kind of work should you expect from the jet-goose people? “We are not about pulling our pants down to get a cheap laugh,” says the “brain” part of the site. There goes any hope for some Bud Light work.

—Posted by Tim Nudd