Congress closer to putting sock in loud ads


If anyone out there is worried that Congress is coasting until November, let it be known that our lawmakers are more than willing to tackle big issues. For example, both the Senate and the House have worked out bills requiring commercials not to exceed the volume of the programs they interrupt. Now, that's the sound of reform. This has been a long time coming, in all seriousness, because people have been complaining to the FCC about ad volume for 60 years, to no response. But with advancements in audio transmission technology, the FCC can no longer hide behind there being "no fair way" to moderate the issue. As if fairness ever stopped them from doing anything. As for advertisers, they should be fine. Obnoxious pitchmen might lose some work, but the visual end of marketing has developed to a point where a mandatory volume reduction isn't going to hurt anything. But it's probably for the best that Billy Mays didn't live to see this day. There would be tears. Loud, loud tears.