Condoms used to sell a ‘meat-lovers’ pizza

We’ve written about Hell Pizza before. They’re the New Zealand pizza shop that put up the billboard showing President Bush marked by Satan. Now they’re pissing people off by giving out free condoms to sell a meat-lovers pizza called “Lust.” Focus on the Family, a religious group, is disgusted. “Not only does the connection between ’meat-lovers’ pizzas and condoms cheapen women and the act of sex, but putting condoms in letterboxes means that anybody, no matter how old, are being handed condoms and instructed how to use them,” the group writes in a release. Hell Pizza’s Warren Powell is trying to frame the campaign as a public service. “New Zealand has got the third highest rate of teenage pregnancies in the developed world, so we have not got a problem with children getting hold of [condoms],” he says.

—Posted by Tim Nudd