Condoms Join Razors and Grooming Supplies on the Monthly Subscription Bandwagon

The Cocksman Club delivers

Hey bros, you already get your razors and pomade through a monthly subscription service. Now you can get right to the point and buy your rubbers through one too.

A new startup called The Cocksman Club will mail members condoms in discreet packages, sparing you the awkwardness of making a responsible purchase in public.

The service and its promo video owe a lot to Dollar Shave Club which, sadly for The Cocksman Club, already laid claim to billing its own wares as "f***ing great." Instead, the newcomer's sales pitch, which naturally includes a rooster in a top hat, focuses on promoting safe sex. Or, in its final summary of why you should join, "Do it for your d*ck."

The service even has different price levels—and fratty monikers—for light and heavy users. Though anyone who actually calls himself "The Legend" is probably going to end up with a lot of product somewhere collecting dust. 

Warning: Video contains NSFW language.