Conan O’Brien Rewrites Apple’s Siri Commercial

'We know what you're gonna use it for'

Team Coco provides some truth in advertising with its take on Apple's new commercial for Siri, the popular personal-assistant app that's been around for a while but has gotten a blinged out new AI full of Easter eggs for the iPhone 4S. If you're unaware of the fascination surrounding the new app, the Tumblr blog Shit That Siri Says will quickly enlighten you about the most popular use for Siri's talents. Once you get the idea, Conan's spoof will seem less like a parody and more like sincerity. As the parody points out, Apple knows what you're going to use Siri for. It was the company's genius that turned a utility app into an entertainment app, though the Apple spot fails to mention its best feature in its spot. It was nice of Conan to fix it for them.