Comic videos for the Bridezilla in your life

The Women’s Entertainment network is quickly turning into The Wedding Channel. In addition to the reality show Bridezillas, which is about to start its third season, WE is adding three more bridal-themed shows to its lineup: I Do… Let’s Eat, Platinum Weddings and Bride vs. Bride. If you have very special and very overtaxed Bridezilla in your life, you’ll enjoy You May Now Kiss the Blog, a site that we’re told is connected to WE and its Bridezillas show in some murky (or maybe not so murky) way. It features musings from an actual bride-to-be (who has yet to blossom into a fully formed Bridezilla, as far as we can tell). The high points of the site are the two Flash-animated videos here and here, which will serve as comedic therapy for many a maid of honor. It looks like more videos are on the way.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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