Come up with a new marketing buzzword

In its current “Just Asking” feature, Adweek bids agency types to “create and define a marketing-related catchword or phrase, e.g., incentivize.” Some of the submissions include “youthify,” “contentualize,” “WoW (Word of Web) marketing” and “tad (text-ad).” In the post-Whipple era, we need to smile more than ever. So c’mon, post your own below. What? You want me to start us off? I’m too bashful. … Oh, OK, twist my arm. How about “buzzcut”? Definition: a real downer; a concept or outcome so heinous, it would derail any positive brand buzz. Example: It would sure be a buzzcut if rioting hit malls on Friday because shoppers are overcaffeinated from the Eight O’Clock Coffee java promotion. (And if I pinched “buzzcut” from anyone out there, well, there’s one thing I’ve learned from Stuart Elliott’s ad column today: Imitation is running rampant in adland.)

—Posted by David Gianatasio