Come fly with me

03_1In Denmark, where the lessons of TBWA\Chiat\Day’s binocular building in Venice, Calif. have evidently not traveled well, 727 Communications is taking a crack at contemporary office-gimmick chic. The Copenhagen agency took a grounded British Boeing 727 jumbo jet, rechristened it Lady Patricia, then put the entire aircraft inside its new hangar-shaped office building and designed a terminal around it—a variation on a WWII warbirds setting implemented by a Santa Monica, Calif. post-production studio.

The jet is more than a gargantuan conversation piece. The agency is using it for a meeting room and creative workshop for its 20 employees. One wonders if presentations are now chronically late, hosted by sexy stewardesses and are catered with small bags of peanuts and six-ounce cans of soda and whether—using the spirit of fun as an excuse—agency employees charge visiting clients extra kroner for a shot of Gammel Dansk or Aalborg Akvavit.

Company directors Tom Elert and Flemming Kok said the plane gives the agency a higher profile, declining to specify exactly the altitude. But obviously the agency had to do something: It claims awareness of 727 among a key target has risen from 25 percent to 85 percent, or, expressed another way, previously only a quarter of the business community had even heard of the 30-year-old agency. Web traffic is up to 100,000 hits a week. Job applications are skyrocketing—though the agency hasn’t said if people applying have any idea of what the company does.

Inarguably, it did create free advertising, including a feature in British Airways’ in-flight magazine—and far more importantly, attention from us.

—Posted by Gregory Solman