Comcast Xfinity jingle isn’t quite fun for all

When I tally up all the horrible crap Comcast has pulled over the last few years, its "Endless Fun" Xfinity jingle doesn't even register. That said, it really seems to be igniting passions among viewers, with some calling it annoying and horrible, while others seem to love its peppy catchiness. My take? It's got a children's-TV-theme-song cadence to it that makes me a little uncomfortable, but it's not gut-wrenching enough to produce actual remote-throwing rage. To me, the real issue here is how this ad represents Comcast's large regional monopoly and its subsequent lack of creative effort. Comcast could run Robert Mapplethorpe photos as advertisements if they wanted to, since it's the only visible option for cable TV in half the country. A few photos of urine and butt whips might actually be a better representation of the company's attitude toward its customers. David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.