Comcast tortoises deal with sudden fame

Slowskys1Watched a lot of March Madness over the weekend, and kept seeing the ads for Comcast high-speed Internet featuring the Slowskys, the husband-and-wife tortoise couple who prefer plodding DSL service to the lightning-fast Comcast cable. If you’re into tortoises, you’ll enjoy these ads, which show the couple, Bill and Karolyn, in deadpan domestic-scene testimonials, saying how great DSL is because it’s so slow and why you shouldn’t switch to Comcast. The ads are up on the Web site, which has lots of other comical elements, including Karolyn’s blog (she’s always more than a few days behind with the news), a photo gallery (which challenges you to Photoshop Bill in various exotic locales), a line of belated greeting e-cards and something called the Slowsky Awards. Movies and a chess game are coming soon. Also, if you want to chat with the couple, their AIM handle is theslowskys.

—Posted by Tim Nudd