Combustible pets rely on Pedigree digestive

Anyone who's been a dog owner can relate to this Pedigree campaign by TBWA Paris. See all three ads here. "Beware of the dog" signs are permuted to reflect all-too-common canine terrors like bad breath, diarrhea and obesity—problems that can be fixed with Pedigree dental, digestive and diet formulas. The headline in the ad above might seem like hyperbole. But as I recall the sorry state of my parents' kitchen after their fox terrier ate something she shouldn't have, like a banana cream pie or a pair of socks, I can personally confirm that it isn't. In fact, these signs could be most effective for deterring intruders. The work almost makes a person want to buy a cat. If Fido's offended, well, life is ruff. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Gianatasio