Columbus gets cascade of caffeinated water

Avitae columbus It's hard to miss the 30-foot-wide bottle of Avitae Energy Water that appears to be splashing its contents down the side of a building and into a pipe in Columbus, Ohio's Easton Town Center. Orange Barrel Media designed the wallscape, and it's an impressive piece of work. That said, it's a sad commentary on our consumer-driven society that the most innovative and artistic use of public spaces these days is reserved for huge ads touting items like caffeinated water. Such real estate could serve as the canvas for far more meaningful and socially dynamic causes — like the preservation of the magazine industry. Surely a five-story-high mural of Penthouse Pet of the Year Erica Ellyson would boost newsstand sales and drive some Web traffic, right? The right people for the job would definitely be Orange Barrel, who got international attention in 2007 with the massive Nationwide installation shown below.

Posted by David Gianatasio

Nationwide columbus