Colorado town in fight over ‘Icebox’ slogan

Fraser Old people like things that have been around for a while. Like town mottos. Try to “update” them, and you may be beaten with canes. Fraser, Colo., for example, has been known as “The icebox of the nation” for decades. The average annual temperature is 34.8 degrees, and it commonly drops to minus-40 in the winter. But one resident, Kirsten Laraby, who not coincidentally works for a development company that’s building luxury homes in Fraser, wants the slogan changed. She also wants to ditch the 30-year-old logo (shown here). “I think there are a lot better amenities that highlight the area rather than ‘It’s cold,’ ” Laraby says. The old people are grumbling already and may be reaching for weaponry. “It’s an emotional thing,” the town manager points out dryly.

—Posted by Tim Nudd