Colorado brewer avoiding local spring water

Colorado ad agency Cultivator Advertising & Design makes fun of Pete Coors in this new spot for craft brewer Breckenridge. In the commercial, Breckenridge head brewer Bob Harrington stands beside a steam in his flannel shirt and says his Lucky U IPA is brewed with real Colorado water. "Well, not this water," he clarifies. "Do you know what bears do in there?" I was hoping he'd tell us, but no such luck. And I wish there'd been a guy in a bear suit standing by the stream, waving a paw. Maybe that Boston Bruins bear could put in a cameo next time. The Coors parody feels a bit dated, as old Petey hasn't appeared in a commercial in quite some time. But what can you expect from an agency that just sent out a holiday greeting with its staff decked out like the cast of Mad Men? That is so 2008!

—Posted by David Gianatasio