This Colorado Agency Just Made 3 Strains of Marijuana Specifically for Ad People

Special cultivars for creatives, strategists and technologists

Need a little mind-altering inspiration in your advertising job? Colorado agency TDA_Boulder has just the thing—three new strains of marijuana designed to get agency creatives, strategists and technologists in the groove and doing better work.

The ad pot was made as part of a promotional campaign for The Fifty, which is the Denver Ad Club's award show, showcasing the market's 50 best ideas of the year. "The Fifty Weed," as the drug is being called, was made in partnership with Colorado Kind, a marijuana grower and award show sponsor.

The three cultivars are:


Concepting Indica

For creatives.

"This will take your mind and body to another universe." 


Strategy Hybrid

For strategists.

"This one is for focus, connecting patterns and outliers quickly and for those who seek the truth."


Coding Sativa

For technologists.

"This strain drives you through 1s and 0s all night." 


It's no secret that drugs can expand the mind and help spur creativity. And with Colorado so ahead of the curve on marijuana legalization, this is clearly benefitting agency people there.

"In creativity, we're inspired by our culture and our environment; in Colorado, that's enhanced by pot for many of us," Constance DeCherney, head of strategy at TDA, tells AdFreak. "Grapefruit Haze [Sativa] is my go-to for late night strategy sessions. It gives me clarity, focus and lets my mind open so the patterns and outliers are easier to spot."

"I think marijuana makes you more creative because it can gives you a different perspective on whatever you are contemplating," says executive creative director Jonathan Schoenberg. "As someone who was high every day in my first job as a copywriter, it can also alleviate your good ideas, or any ideas that make any sense, to people who are not also high."

As for his favorite strain, he adds: "I enjoy trail running high and love Sativa because it gives me energy and is great for long runs and big and little thoughts."

Tonja Roth, executive director of the Denver Ad Club, says: "We're proud that The Fifty still stands as one of the most progressive shows in America, celebrating the top 50 advertising and marketing ideas in Colorado. To this end, we collaborated with TDA_Boulder on a promotional campaign acknowledging our state's momentum of cannabis and the relationship the creative community has to it. From our growing advertising community to tax revenue, Colorado stands as a solid role model for innovation." 

"The Fifty Weed" will be available for purchase from Jan. 26 until Feb. 2, everywhere Colorado Kind Cannabis is sold. 


Client: Denver Ad Club

Agency: TDA_Boulder

Art Director: Sayako Minami

Copywriters: Jonathan Schoenberg/Brian Mulligan

Creative Directors: Jonathan Schoenberg/Thomas Dooley

Director of Strategy: Constance DeCherney

Producer: Kate Osborne

Client: Denver Ad Club

Sponsor: Colorado Kind

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