Colon Cancer Group Raises 314% of Goal With a Public Letter to Brad Pitt

At 50, actor faces increased risk

Brad Pitt recently turned 50, so a Belgian nonprofit called Stop Darmkanker, dedicated to ending colon cancer, sent the star a public letter highlighting his greater risk for the disease. Not only was the letter sent to 10 of Pitt's addresses, including that of his production company, but the message was also posted online, where it became a viral hit and helped Stop Darmkanker raise 314% of its goal.

Aside from his star power, Pitt was also probably selected because of his wife's high-profile double mastectomy, which Angelina Jolie underwent in response to finding out how steep her genetic risk for breast cancer was.

Pitt's letter also included a test vial used to check for signs of cancer, though I'm not sure the group did itself any favors by creating instructions that use the phrase "randomly stab the poo."