Colle+McVoy Enlists Timesheet Slackers for Motivational Posters

Invitations to be less of a laggard

Agencies will try anything to get staffers to do their timesheets. Most notable recently was the beer fridge at JWT's Casa that won't open on Fridays until everyone finishes the dreaded task. Here's another strategy—less alcoholic, perhaps, but just as personal. Colle+McVoy in Minneapolis had some of the worst timesheet offenders in the office pose for posters offering pithy wisdom about the benefits of getting those timesheets done in a timely manner. (Sample: "How do I stay motivated? Every time I do a timesheet I reward myself with an episode of The Golden Girls.") The tagline is: "Kick ass hourly. Submit time daily." Rewarding the laggards by putting them in ads seems generous—perhaps the posters should be more punitive. Razorfish had the right idea a couple of years ago when it shamed timesheet slackers by posting their photos in the building lobby with straightforward lines like, "I haven't done my timesheet in three weeks." More posters after the jump.

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