College Humor Rescues Man Who Spent $2,600 on Carnival Game in Exchange for a Stuffed Banana

Life savings recouped, and then some

College Humor took a break from making videos that aren't as funny as they could be to help Henry Gribbohm, a man who lost his $2,600 in life savings on a rigged carnival game. The goal was to get Gribbohm his money and dignity back. Well, his money, anyway. College Humor posted a video explaining Gribbohm's situation, and vowed to donate 10 cents for every time the post was "liked" on Facebook. If they got 26,000 likes, they planned to buy the banana from Henry for $2,600. At 30,000 likes, they's throw in the Xbox Kinect he was originally trying to win at the carnival. At last count, the post is up to 39,000 likes, so Gribbohm appears to be sitting pretty. I don't know whether it truly counts as charity when you're also mocking the affected party—or whether you should reward stupidity like this—but it's a nice resolution anyway.

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