Colle + McVoy rethinks live lottery drawing

"People love to see stuff get destroyed," says Colle + McVoy group creative director Dave Keepper of the agency's new 60-second nightly drawing show for the Minnesota State Lottery. Now there's a simple, coherent marketing strategy we can all get on board with. The client sure did, so we're treated to giant balls (made of cast iron, weighing 84 pounds each) crashing through cars, furniture, fish tanks, etc. After the demolition, the voiceover says: "Let's drop the winning numbers and see if we can't get you a new [car/furniture/fish tank]," and the night's winning numbers are shown on different falling balls. Hey, it's Minnesota, where winters are cold and long, and pretty much anything passes for entertainment. And Colle + McVoy has made more than 50 of these spots, so they won't get old. Remember the days when lottery-drawing shows had numbered ping-pong balls sucked up into clear glass tubes? Crap, I feel old.

—Posted by David Gianatasio