Colle + McVoy having a very 3-D Christmas

'Tis the season for agency holiday Web sites. Last year's highlight for me was R/GA's Tattoo Santa. Disturbing. This year, Minneapolis shop Colle + McVoy is up first. It began with a run-of-the-mill holiday card, which arrived at the office with some 3-D glasses. The card directs to, a Flash gaming site with a pretty impressive 3-D experience. Visitors can menace a snow creature, pilot a blimp through a winter wonderland and deliver the evening paper to "Avalanche Alley." The site has countless download options, including a coloring book and printable 2-D dolls and models. To go 3-D, Colle + McVoy went old-school and built an 8-by-12-inch physical model of Snowdin, then photographed individual elements of it to allow the colors to be separated in Flash to create the special effect. Not bad. Assuming you don't have your 3-D glasses handy, you can request a pair by shooting a note to snowdin [at]

—Posted by Brian Morrissey