Coke Zero Gives ‘Skyfall’ Tickets to Only the Most Bond-Like People

Train-station stunt full of obstacles

Coke Zero released a pretty mediocre James Bond spot last month, tied to Skyfall, in which the hero hummed the Bond theme throughout. Now, the brand is back with a more dynamic clip—a video showing footage of a real-world train station stunt in which passengers are prompted by a vending machine to walk to a certain platform to get free Skyfall tickets. They have 70 seconds to get there. But the journey is made more difficult by all sorts of invented obstacles—turning the ticket seeker into a stand-in for 007 himself, having to overcome adversity before earning his reward. The singing element remains, as the final task prompts the passenger to hum the Bond theme. Some people are grousing on YouTube that it's clearly actors who are hustling through the station. That's probably true—trying to get people to slip on runaway oranges before they sign a waiver might be a tough sell, insurance wise. Still, people tend to love these kinds of setups—and this clip has gotten more than 3 million YouTube views since Thursday. Via Unruly Media.

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.