Cockatoo bullies people into eating Mexican

A Spanish-accented, cocky, possibly psychotic, papier-mâché cockatoo as a mascot for a Mexican restaurant? Sounds like a nightmare you'd have after too many chimichangas. In fact, it's a real campaign by ad agency Nail for New England's Margaritas chain. Meet Hector. He hectors pigeons in a park, sneaks into a baby carriage after leaving the child at the restaurant and plays the heavy in a Godfather spoof. These low-budget ads are so defiantly loopy, they're sort of addictive. While goofy, they never ruin things by going over the top. The bird just sits, stands or lies there, stiff as, well, a papier-mâché cockatoo, with the silly voiceover cracking wise. It's a far more natural performance than the hammy overacting of the blobfish, mole and lemur from that Biovision campaign. Maybe that's why those guys are headed for extinction. Two more spots after the jump.