Coach K turns pitchman yet again

The only thing that could get under the skin of University of North Carolina hoops fans during last year’s march to the NCAA title were the nonstop (and we mean nonstop) American Express commercials with Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski. Yeah, yeah, OK, you’re a teacher who happens to coach basketball. If we accept this and sign up for AmEx, will you please stop showing us that ad? Some even complained to the NCAA that the airing of the ads approximately every 10 minutes constituted unfair recruiting. (Not surprisingly, Dick Vitale stuck up loudly for his pal in Durham.) Now, Coach K is back as corporate pitchman, this time to hawk Chevrolet. (General Motors, by the way, just posted a huge loss, which makes you wonder if Coach K wants to align the Duke brand with Chevy. Just a thought.) Judging by last night’s coverage, Heels fans and innocent bystanders should take a deep breath and expect to see Coach K’s spot dozens more times over the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, North Carolina’s News & Observer has mocked up several great alternate pitches for “Coach Kommmercial.”

—Posted by Brian Morrissey