CNBC takes a page from Cartoon Network

Move over, Money Honey. CNBC is developing a cartoon series based on the comic strip CEO Dad, which follows the adventures of Frank Pitt, who runs a Styrofoam-peanut manufacturing plant. Pitt and his brood sound like every other animated TV family in the past 10 years, so it’ll probably be a hit. If the dog talks, or Pitt has a catchphrase (“D’oh, that’s the pitts!”), so much the better. A cameo by Maria Bartiromo, perhaps getting free Styrofoam peanuts for her holiday shopping needs while flying on Pitt’s corporate jet, would be a nice self-deprecating touch. And, of course, a few Boardroom of Horror Halloween specials. P.S.: Hey, CNBC, are we a go on my project, Invest This!, where I invite people to send me money so I can buy shares of News Corp.? We can lose the talking dog, if that’s your objection.

—Posted by David Gianatasio