Clorox Tries to Bleach the Sin Out of Las Vegas With Outdoor Ads

'Some girl just ______ed all over my _____'

Las Vegas is a cesspool. Clorox is bleach. It's a match made in heaven. Last week during CES, DDB West began touting the brand's efficacy at cleaning up bodily fluids in a series of clever if fratty fill-in-the-blank taxi-top ads and billboards around Sin City. (Sample: "I ______ed all over my hotel room.") Because digital tie-ins are now obligatory, the billboards are interactive at, where Clorox's rabid fans, known for their partying, can submit their own unsavory phrases, then get a picture of an outdoor placement with their mad libs plugged in (and then share it with their friends). Because what happens there, stays there … until you plaster it across your Facebook page, where all the Clorox in the world won't get it out. Read all the variations below.

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.