Clorox Explains Emoji Tweet That Many Thought Was Weirdly Racist

One of Twitter's more bleachable moments

Headshot of Alfred Maskeroni

Some long-awaited racially diverse emojis were added to iOS today, and all the world is happy. Well, the world was happy until it saw this Clorox tweet.

The brand sent out an odd message Wednesday evening featuring a bottle of its bleach made up of emojis, and the line, "New emojis are alright but where's the bleach." Given the timing, it set the Internet ablaze, with many wondering if Clorox meant the diverse emoji should all be bleached white. (There were no face emojis in the tweet, though.)

Despite intense criticism, Clorox left the tweet up, at least as of this writing (UPDATE: It's now been deleted), though it did follow up with a response, saying it just meant that emojis like toilets, bathtubs and wine glasses might need to be bleached at some point. Odd, then, that none of those emojis appeared in the original image, either.

Well, we're not sure if Clorox knows how Twitter works, but there's an easy way to "bleach away" a tweet—the delete button. Both tweets are now still there gathering comments.

And it's isn't pretty. Below is a sampling of reaction to the original tweet.

@maskeroni Alfred Maskeroni is director of video for Adweek.