Clio Awards Urge You to Harass and Bribe the Judges of Its Super Bowl Ad Contest

Oh, and here are their email addresses

The Clio Awards will be holding its second annual Super Clio contest during this year's Super Bowl, getting a handful of top creatives in the industry to vote for their favorite commercial from the game—and eventually crown a winning spot.

Below are a couple of tongue-in-cheek ads promoting this year's contest, comically suggesting that the makers of the Super Bowl spots badger and cajole the judges into voting for their work. Or as the ads themselves say: "Let the super ass-kissing begin."

Bold move to include the email addresses of the judges, who will probably now have to set up filters sending any emails with the word "Clio" to the trash. 

The ads were done by Fitzgerald & Co. Click to enlarge.


Agency: Fitzgerald & Co.

Chief Creative Officer: Noel Cottrell

Group Creative Directors: Ryan Boblett, Brad Harvey

Copywriter: Meredith Young

Network Creative Manager: Eric Monnet

Producer: Cris Tally

Account Supervisor: Rhanatah Griffith