In Clever Extension of ‘Got Milk?’ Boy Scouts Sell the Perfect Complement for Girl Scout Cookies

A simple idea that only took 100 years

Eating cookies without milk is like enjoying a spoonful of peanut butter without a heavy dose of chocolate. It doesn't make sense and leaves you feeling completely empty inside.

And yet the Girl Scouts of America have been selling their delectable cookies outside of grocery stores and shopping malls without milk for nearly 100 years. Is this tragic omission actually an opportunity for another group of entrepreneurial youngsters?

In a cute stunt from Goodby Silverstein & Partners, "The Scouts Milk Mission" tapped a group of Boy Scouts to track down Girl Scouts selling cookies and make sure plenty of milk was accessible for all those hungry cookie lovers. The young boys and girls that participated in the mission not only got to enjoy the milk-and-cookie combo, but also earned a badge for their hard work.  

"We were excited to make 'The Scouts Milk Mission' happen quickly because it's kind of ridiculous that we haven't been doing this for the last 100 years," said Kate Catalinac, the creative director on the project. "Who can have cookies without milk? Savages, that's who."

The campaign is an extension of the popular and longstanding "Got Milk?" campaign and rolls out just in time to celebrate National Girl Scouts Weekend. While "Got Milk?" is no longer the tagline used by the national milk industry (it adopted the tagline "Milk Life" in 2014), the California Milk Processor Board still uses the iconic line in its marketing.


Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Client: California Milk Processor Board

Title: "The Scouts Milk Mission"


Partner: Jeff Goodby

Creative Director: Kate Catalinac

Designer: Kelly Malka

Junior Designer: John Rodriguez

Design Director: Chris Peel

Art Director: Andrew Livingston

Copywriter: Simon Bruyn

Account Services:

Managing Partner: Robert Riccardi

Account Director: Melissa Buck

Account Manager: Michelle Farhang


Content Producer: Isaak Le

Creative Content: Quinn Gravier

Videographer: Colin James Russell

Senior Art and Print Producer: Alisa Latvala

Executive Interactive Producer: Margaret Brett-Kearns

Interactive Producer: Danielle Riccardi

Director of Photography: Jess Hall

Production Designer: Shepherd Frankel

Producer: Greg Schultz

Executive Producer: Kate Leahy

Business Affairs:

Business Affairs Manager: Heidi Killeen

Brand Strategy:

Group Brand Strategy Director: Kelly Evans-Pfeiffer

Brand Strategist: Gabriella Svensk

Communication Strategy:

Director of Communication Strategy: Christine Chen

Communication Strategy Director: Nicole Richards

Communication Strategist: Maren Severtson

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