Clearwire logo brings Sony Ericsson lawsuit


With Clearwire building a 4G network and planning to slap its new logo (left) on its phones, Sony Ericsson thinks that logo is too similar to its own (right) and is suing. Both are essentially a green-and-white swirl. They're not that similar, but maybe they are as a centimeter-sized dot on top of your cell phone. Engadget has the court filing (PDF file), if you're curious. Sony Ericsson says Clearwire decided on the new logo in October 2009 and Sony dutifully contacted the company in January 2010 to protest the swirly similarities. However, it wasn’t until October 2010 that Clearwire said the color would be that lime green, prompting the lawsuit. What is it about violently bright green that makes us think high tech? Android, Xbox, Sony Ericsson, Alienware, Nvidia, a quarter of the Windows logo—they're all a weird bright green. They say the color red increases your heart rate. Maybe the color green increases your desire to overpay for electronics that will swiftly become obsolete. Either way, do you think the similarities warrant a case?