Cleared for takeoff

Unit_8conover_tutt1c19fa_1A few years back, search consultancy Pile and Co. told Conover Tuttle that it wasn’t ready for the big time. “They were very helpful, but they basically let us know we hadn’t reached the stage as an agency where they thought we were ready for some of the reviews they were doing,” says Chip Tuttle. “They said, Get back to us when you are.” Earlier this month, when it came time to get back in touch, the Lynnfield, Mass., independent, now known as Conover Tuttle Pace, decided to have a little fun by taking out a billboard in Boston’s North End, with an inside joke aimed at Pile and the ad community. The board has the headline, “Pile and Company said we needed a higher profile. Is this high enough?”

“We figured this was one way to let them know we thought we were at that stage,” says Tuttle, adding that the agency wanted Pile to view the billboard “with a wry chuckle.” The board—one of the highest in Boston—will be up for about a month. “They took it in the right spirit,” says Tuttle. “We’ve got a meeting with them in a couple of weeks.”

—Posted by Lisa van der Pool