Clearblue Easy ad gets … well, you know

Clearblue_2 This commercial for Clearblue Easy has been out for a while. (Make the Logo Bigger mentioned it in July.) With faux-epic, Star Trek-type visuals and voiceover, it promises that the company’s digital pregnancy test is “the most sophisticated piece of technology you will ever pee on.” Not a giant leap forward for advertising, but harmless enough. Though even that joke seems to have crossed a line. In later versions of the ad, the guy can’t bring himself to speak the offending line, saying instead that it’s “the most sophisticated piece of technology you will ever … well, you know.” Strange that this spot gets censored but no one bats an eye at the creepy Clearblue Easy ads from David Lynch, featuring the “psychological torture of a beautiful young women.” For the latter series, Lynch reportedly made the actress actually take a pregnancy test so he could tape her real-life reaction.

—Posted by Tim Nudd