Classified urges voters to back hatemonger

Notorious white supremacist Tom Metzger is gearing up for a run at U.S. Rep.
Mark Souder's seat in the House of Representatives, going so far as to
take out a classified ad in the local Warsaw (Ind.) Times-Union for that little extra boost to his write-in campaign. (The text-only ad can be seen on the right.) Metzger's résumé includes cross burnings, a $12.5 million fine for inciting racial violence in Oregon, and being the inspiration for one of the Aryan leaders in American History X. Oh, and he also hates the government, which might explain why he can't seem to land a position anywhere in it — though he came scarily close when he won the 1980 Democratic primary in a San Diego Congressional district. While the introduction of a xenophobic freakshow into the campaign might not seem like an obvious threat to Republican incumbent Souder, it could cost him the coveted Glenn Beck endorsement.

—Posted by David Kiefaber