A city that’s safe from advertising

Garbage_truckcarly_tushinghamMontana is one of the last places we would expect to hear about an advertising controversy, but it’s happening in Bozeman. The city council voted last week to revoke an earlier ordinance that allowed the city to sell advertising on city vehicles. Apparently, most of the advertising had been placed on the city’s garbage trucks. It was a narrow 3-2 vote to change the law, which had been passed two months earlier by the same margin. The original intent was to raise about $150,000 annually, about the amount that the city’s recycling program has been losing each year. The city’s mayor, Jeff Krauss, supported the law as a way to use the free market to pay for the city service.  But, two new members of the city council swayed the vote to revoke the law, citing a belief that the advertising “cheapened” the city somehow and could “jeopardize the morale” of city workers. We are sure it is an important issue to the frigid city of 27,500 people—but it probably wouldn’t raise an eyebrow in most major metropolises where nothing is safe from advertising.

—Posted by Jim Lovel

Credit: Carly Tushingham