Cinemax Premieres Entire First Episode of New Show as Animated GIFs

'Banshee' makes jerky debut on BuzzFeed

TV viewers don't have to work for much. That's the whole point. But those eager to check out Cinemax's new drama Banshee before its Friday premiere—and who don't mind doing a little work—can watch the whole hour-long first episode in more than 80 animated GIFs over at BuzzFeed. It doesn't take long to get to know the hero, who is released from prison in the first couple of GIFs and is already having sex with a stranger by the 10th GIF. I'd offer more spoilers, but I'll admit I speed-watched it. Some dude gets a giant hole shot through his hand. Someone else says, "Suck my tit." (There are captions on a lot of these GIFs, which seems a bit like cheating.) I'm sure it's a good show. This is just a tough way to watch it.

If it doesn't do well, it won't be through lack of social outreach. There's a Banshee GIF Shop Tumblr, created by New York agency Campfire, which features loads of shareable, animated GIFs from the show. Cinemax partnered with fan sites to distribute custom GIF trailers and GIF animated "collectable" lobby cards. A website,, launches with 13 prequel videos, giving 30 minutes of exclusive exposition, and will also feature a section (unlockable by a different code each week) devoted to the show's evolving opening title sequences. Oh, and a prequel comic. Oh, and a Twitter story extension.

A bit surprisingly, they also put together an ordinary 90-second trailer. For the sloths. See below for that. Ahh, that's better.