Chrysler’s gag ads back online—for now

We just noticed this morning that a kerfuffle broke out last week over some apparently never-meant-to-be-seen Chrysler ads that somehow got uploaded to YouTube. (Yeah, like that never happens.) Anyway, it seems that during the shoot for the new Chrysler online campaign, which is a takeoff on those old “Folgers switch” ads, in which consumers’ coffee was secretly replaced with Folgers, the cast and crew shot some joke ads containing profanity and jokey sexual innuendo. As of last Thursday, the ads had been pulled off YouTube, presumably at Chrysler’s request. But for the time being, someone calling himself JalopnikHeartsJoe has posted them again. All we can say is, if you want to see these off-color ads, act now, by clicking the one above, or clicking here. (BTW, here are links to some of the officially sanctioned ads.)

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor