Christmas shoppers: a prototype

ShopperWe’ve found the ideal holiday shopper, and it’s probably not who you thought it was: It’s a married, wired, 60-year-old Midwestern man whose household income exceeds $50,000.

At least, such a person combines the traits of consumers who, according to an ABC News poll, will spend above-average amounts on their holiday shopping this year. Overall, the survey’s respondents plan to spend an average of $843. But married people will spend more than singles ($902 vs. $767); those who shop online will spend more than the offline-only cohort ($944 vs. $779); consumers in the 55-64 age bracket will spend more ($944) than younger or older shoppers; Midwesterners will shell out more ($969) than residents of chintzy regions like the West ($837) and South ($719); men will outspend women ($913 vs. $777); and people with household income of $50,000-plus will outpace those with income under $50,000 ($1,044 vs. $702).

Marketers will feel decidedly poor in spirit  at year’s end if these supposed high-rollers don’t live up to their billing. So if you fit the profile, it’s time to get out there.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver