Is Christmas ringing in your ears?

RadioThe hap- hap- happiest time of the year is getting a whole lot longer.

According to reports in USA Today and The New York Times, more and more radio stations are switching over to an all-Christmas format earlier in the holiday season. It all makes perfect sense to me. Think about it. When was the last time you bundled yourself up in a mink muffler or a top hat and went a-wassailing door-to-door? Never? Now, when was the last time you heard Christmas tunes piped through the speakers of your nearest and dearest retail locale? Ten seconds ago?

Why, already this year, Starbucks has urged me to have A Merry Little Christmas, nearly 10 times. While I may have a high threshold for Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, it’s a little sad to know that carols are no longer for singing your merry little heart out. They’re wallpaper for retailers, meant to make us all feel better about elbowing fellow shoppers while we scour the Macy’s petite department in order to fill Aunt Susan’s request for “anything leopard.”

With that in mind, it only makes sense that radio stations would release the Jingle Bells barking hounds earlier. So go ahead, use Bing and Ella and Nat to inject me with holiday spirit before the temperature drops below 50 degrees, just keep Christmas Shoes off the dial. It’s a real downer.

—Posted by Deanna Zammit