This Christmas Ad With Super Mom: Sexist or No?

British company forced to semi-apologize

British supermarket chain Asda stirred up some controversy with its new TV spot in which a mom literally makes Christmas happen by herself. The company even apologized for it last week. Well, kind of apologized. While Asda did say it didn't mean to offend anyone, it immediately pointed to the "hundreds of positive comments" about the ad on its Facebook page, which is hardly an act of contrition. I wasn't too shaken by the ad, which has the same ratio of multitasking-supermom to slackjawed-clueless-dad as every ad I've ever seen in my life. But I'm almost happy people were offended. This sort of thing probably is sexist, both to women who don't want to be seen as domestic workhorses forever and to men who want a little credit for competent parenting.