Christine O’Donnell now regrets witch spot

In a developing story that we're probably all sick of by now, Christine O'Donnell has officially said she regrets her "I'm not a witch" ad. She tells Good Morning America (at 4:50 in the clip above): "I haven't publicly stated this, and I don't know if I'll get in trouble for saying that, but our intention was to kill it, and that's not what happened." Here's a tip for all politicians out there: If you want to bury something from your past, something that people have already been talking about and seem interested in, uploading a video about it onto YouTube is the absolute worst way to go. Instead, try not uploading a video about it onto YouTube. That should work better. Oh, and if this whole dumbshit persona of O'Donnell's is a trick, there'd better be one hell of a reveal.

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