The Christian right might not like this spot


those wacky, progressive Swedes. The Stockholm-based fashion house
Bjorn Borg, which makes clothing, shoes, eyeglasses and such, has
released a commercial in which two male priests are married in a church by a female priest.
At one point, the men of the cloth swap some spit. The theme of the
campaign is "Love for all." The swingin' firm has launched a dating
(I'm guessing Anna Kournikova's not using it) and plans to
introduce "Lucky Underwear" in the near future. The impious effort
comes as the company's namesake is generating some press by playing in big-money exhibitions
in Asia this week with '80s nemesis John McEnroe and current racquet
kings Roger Federer and James Blake. None of them smooched after their
matches, in case you were wondering. Also, since I'm almost certainly
going to hell just for watching the spot, I'd like to add one more
thing: That lady priest is kinda hot.

—Posted by David Gianatasio