Chris Brown, Wrigley might not last forever

Yesterday, following serious allegations that Chris Brown beat the snot out of his outrageously hot girlfriend Rhianna right before the Grammy Awards, causing both of them to cancel their performances, Wrigley's Doublemint Gum said it was suspending Brown's Doublemint ad and all the marketing involved until this mess gets cleared up. The commercial, posted above, which had been running since August, actually aired during the Grammys. Wrigley isn't dropping Brown outright; it's just waiting to see what happens. The company points out that Brown should be "afforded the same due process as any citizen." Wrigley is a bit deep in this whole thing, however, as Brown's hit song "Forever" was actually commissioned by Wrigley to be a new version of the Doublemint jingle. I think Wrigley should just go completely retro in the meantime and bring back the Doublemint Twins, assuming they haven't been booked for double assault or anything. UPDATE: Brown has also been booted from the "Got milk?" campaign.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers