Choose your own adventure on YouTube

Cory_2 Here’s a neat idea. A guy named Cory Williams has posted a "Choose your own adventure" set of videos on YouTube, using the site’s “video response” feature. You start here, and at the end of each video, you pick one of four videos at the bottom to continue. Unfortunately, Cory’s “adventure” involves you searching for his cat, Sparta. Which isn’t an adventure so much as a chore. (I lost interest before I found the stupid cat.) But it’s an awesome idea, and some opportunistic brand will surely try the same thing before long—maybe a children’s brand, seeing as how kids love the whole “Choose your own adventure” thing. That’s right, Man of Popsicle, I’m calling you out. I want to see a “Choose your flavor adventure” by this time next month! (Just remember to disable comments!) Via Adverblog.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers