This Chocolate Factory Just Celebrated 5 Years in Business With Delicious Edible Posters

Tasty project from Baldwin&

If the medium is the message, then Videri Chocolate Factory's latest advertising has a very palatable message indeed.

The Raleigh, N.C., chocolate maker worked with ad agency Baldwin& to create special posters, completely made of chocolate, celebrating its 5th anniversary. The posters weigh two pounds each, use 70 percent dark craft chocolate and were handcrafted by Videri co-CEO and chocolate maker Sam Ratto. 

There are three different headlines on the posters:

"If only we could say 'Thank you' in chocolate. Wait. We can."

"In celebration of our 5th anniversary, enjoy this tasteful poster."

"Dear Raleigh, thanks for 5 amazing years. Now eat this thing before it melts."

The posters went up at Videri, local restaurants, stores, breweries, art galleries and other places that get foot traffic. Hopefully they are still up, and haven't been stolen by sweet tooths in the community.

"Videri Chocolate Factory has been making and selling some of the finest chocolate in the country from right here in Raleigh for five years now," says David Baldwin, founder and chief creative officer of Baldwin&. "It has quickly become a beloved institution and brings a level of craft, quality, and community that comes directly from passion about the final product, which is now available in poster version."

"We wanted to create excitement around our anniversary," says Starr Sink Ratto, Videri co-CEO. "Loyal customers are already familiar with our bean-to-bar chocolate so they'll have no hesitation enjoying the chocolate posters. We are hoping to reach new customers, too, that may have not yet met our awesome gang, toured the factory or gotten free samples. Poster-sized samples."


Client – Videri

Starr Sink Ratto – Co-CEO, Chocolate Maker

Sam Ratto – Co-CEO, Chocolate Maker

Chris Heavener – Co-founder, General Manager

Agency – Baldwin&

Jen Matthews – Creative Director

Christopher Stollmeyer – Art Director

Britton Upchurch – Copywriter

Chad Temples – Creative Director, Copywriter

David Baldwin – Chief Creative Officer

Bob Ranew – Chief Creative Officer

Jerry Bodrie – Director Account Management

Lindsay Barnes – Senior Project Manager