Chipotle Is Asking Fans to Write Haikus, and Some of Them Are Truly Impressive

Burritos obviously stir the soul

Chipotle has come up with a pretty clever way to get people to express their deep love for burritos. Today, Chipotle is running a social media campaign asking people to post a haiku on Twitter or the brand's Facebook page for the chance to win prizes. The top 20 poems with the most Likes and retweets will win a dinner for two.

Usually, this sort of consumer-generated contest fare is pretty bad. But some of Chipotle's fans are putting some impressive levels of creativity into it. 

On Facebook, someone submitted, "I used to date you/ But now you just serve me food/ One taco, no love." Another user says, "Electric salsa/ Glides across beans, rice and meat/ dancing palate joy."

Here are some of our favorite Twitter poems so far:

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